Ultimatrix Destroyer
The master of six (dragon) destroyer


300 Gs.


Pyrus/ Darkus Hybrid.

Used by:

Ultimatrix Dragonoid.



Ultimatrix Destroyer is the powerfull Bakugan after Ultimatrix Colossus. He's Pyrus/Darkus hybrid Bakugan. He's partner with Barcibal and Ultimatrix Dragonoid. He's mechtogan destroyer.


He's a Dragon-like Bakugan with the T - Rex appearance. Dragonoid Destroyer is a Mechanical Dragon.


He's 300 Gs. He can't be used by the other brawler because, He's Barcibal's special support pieces.


  • Rapid Gear: Adds 1000 Gs to Ultimatrix Destroyer.
  • Rapid Shot: Subtracts 500 Gs from the opponent.
  • Rapid Punches: Halves the opponent Gs.
  • Rapid Moves: Double Ultimatrix Destroyer's Gs.
  • Rapid Shield: Prevent opponent from nullifies your ability.
  • Rapido: Skip the opponent's turn and adds 200 Gs to Ultimatrix Destroyer.

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