Ventus Nitro Wolfie


Nitro Wolfie Evolve form of Ventus Wolfie, after gaining Ziperator's DNA. It is the fastest bakugan to be known. She has Ziperator's sping gear on her mid-section. A wolf, it's green with yellow strips, red eyes, has wings that are angel liked in shape, wings have feathers of green yellow and red. Some feathers have a blade type apperance. ( Lower wings ) Her wings also look more like a Ziperator's wings, hiding in feathers. Her tail also has a hidden spot to fire a laser. Her body is covered in fur, so it is hard to find his tail laser. His snout is all green, nose is black. Lately her wings have been glowing white.


In the game , Nitro Wolfie is a Ventus exclusive Bakugan with 850G , In New Vestroia Play , she has 1000G.


  • Nitro Illusion: Nitro Wolfie makes copies of herself; used to confuse opponents.</li>
  • Nitro Blast: Nitro Wolfie howls sending a blast of wind at her opponent.</li>
  • Nitro Speed: Nitro Wolfie's speed increases.</li>
  • Nitro Slash: Nitro Wolfie slashes her opponent at a fast speed.</li>
  • Nitro Speed: Nitro Wolfie's best move; Nitro Wolfie spins in a drill motion with a green aura to attack her opponent. Can't be blocked, normally finishes a match. If not, Nitro Wolfie gains 800 Gs.</li>
  • Nitro Twist: Nitro Wolfie makes a twister, using her speed.</li>
  • Surprise Attack: Nitro Wolfie fires a laser at her opponent, from her tail.</li>
  • Nitro Confusion: Nitro Wolfie moves so fast, her opponent causing her opponent to get confused. Nitro Wolfie gains 500 Gs.</li>