Gate Cards useable in New Vestroia play.Edit

Only the gate cards shown below are useable in New Vestroia Gameplay, if you use another you will be kickbanned for 5 minutes and thats amout will double everytime you do. So without further waiting, here they are:

  • Pyrus Reactor: All Pyrus Bakugan gain 100G's
  • Subterra Reactor: All Subterra Bakugan gain 100G's
  • Haos Reactor: All Haos Bakugan gain 100G's
  • Darkus Reactor: All Darkus Bakugan gain 100G's
  • Aquos Reactor: All Aquos Bakugan gain 100G's
  • Ventus Reactor: All Ventus Bakugan gain 100G's
  • Triple Battle: The person who set this card adds another Bakugan to the battle
  • Quortet Battle: Each player adds a Bakugan until there are four Bakugan in the battle
  • Crio Stasis: The enemy's Bakugan is frozen until the next 2 ability chains have hit it.
  • Mind Ghost: All Bakugan are destroyed and the battle ends
  • Trade Off: If there are more Bakugan on one side than another, one Bakugan is removed from the game until one of the brawlers life gauge reaches zero
  • Energy Merge: Both Bakugan switch attributes and Ability Cards
  • Time Backwards: Time is reversed to before the first Ability Card was played
  • Subterra Reaction: The enemies Bakugan is changed to Subterra