Inkor suit 012

Minocrush , well... its rather ... explosive...

Minocrush is a Bakugan Battle Suit that is only compatibe with the Bakugan Inkor. It is only available in Subterra.


Minocrush is a Bakugan Battle Suit specifically designed for Inkor it is covered in contact mines that detonate only when Inkor gets hit by a physical blow. It has large spikes on its shoulders that shoot lasers at any aerial attackers. It also uses its massive hands to pummel enemies to the ground with incredible speed. This Battle suit also has a large energy blaster in the middle of its chest to destroy its enemies, when it moves, it is like a veritable fortress.


In the Game, Minocrush adds 500G's to the Bakugan using it.


  • Back Mine: No Bakugan can be removed from the battle.
  • Ground Crusher: Negate the effect of the enemies gate card.
  • AIDS (Automated Infinite Defense System): Negate any ability that has just been played even if it says that it can't be negated
  • HICS (Hyper Infinity Cannon Strike): Adds 900G's to Minocrush and the enemy loses 400G's
  • DASH (Destruction Auto Shield Hyper): Negate any Ability chain
  • TOSH (Take Out System Hyper): Adds 700G's to Minocrush
  • Stun Shield: Negates the enemies Ability and adds 300G's to Minocrush
  • Saint Light: Changes the enemies Bakugan to Haos and negates their abilities for the rest of the round