Inkor is a Bakugan that is only available in Subterra and that can only be used by Charlie Abbott.

He has 920 Gs.


Inkor is a muscular Bakugan that pummels its enemies. It has large wings that allow him to fly with incredible swiftness. He also has a forked tail, and two serpentine heads with venemous fangs. He has a body that can turn into a mirror-like surface that make the enemies attacks, rebound.


  • Mirror Move: Copy`s the move of the enemy.
  • Stone Destructor: Inkor subtracts 400 Gs from the enemy.
  • Demonic Earth: Negate the enemies ability
  • Bond of Friends: Gives a Bakugan of Taylean2002 1000 Gs if you are battling with him or just staying out of the game.
  • Stone Cutter: Negate the effects of the gate card
  • Terra Restorer: Re-activate the gate card
  • Buster Destroyer: Negate the enemies ability and Inkor gains 600Gs
  • Smash Hammar: Transfer 500 Gs from every opponent to Inkor
  • Terra Firma: Nullifies the opponent ability
  • Mirror Body: You benefit from the ability instead of your opponent
  • Volcanism: Adds Pyrus Gouingol to the battle.
  • Growing Earth: Allows another Bakugan to be played by the user.
  • Power Terra: Adds 600 Gs to every ally and Inkor
  • Destruction Impact: Negate the enemies ability
  • Team Up of Friends and Brothers: Gouingol, Inkor, Nyanja, Chainer, Starmouse, Wasparius, Darapak, Scroco, Infurnut, Omnyanja and Terraspin all get 500 Gs.