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Goungol , the penguin-like Bakugan.

Gouingol, the penguin-like Bakugan, it can only be in Pyrus!


Gouingol is a destructive Bakugan that smacks away his enemies with the heavy fish bone he carries. He can breath fire through his beak and intimidates his opponents by glaring at them with his solid, big, black eyes. No enemy has ever survived a battle against Gouingol.


As Gouingol can only be used in one attribute it has one G-Power: 900 Gs.


  • 'Bone Smack': Your opponents ability is negated and there Bakugan loses 100 Gs.
  • Blaze Barrier: Nullifies the opponents Ability.
  • Enforcing Dragonia: Nullifies the opponent Gate Card , and add 300 Gs to Gouingol.
  • Power Exile: Transfer 500 Gs from the opponent to Gouingol.
  • Core Exia: Subtracts 400 Gs from the opponent.
  • Phoenix Fire Strike: Adds 600 Gs to Gouingol and subtracts 200 Gs from the opponent.
  • Rapid Fire: Adds another Bakugan to your side.
  • Flaming Ace: Allows you to play abilities when an enemmies card says otherwise.
  • Hyper Phoenix Inferno: Enforcing Strike: Adds 600 Gs to Gouingol and nullifies the opponent Gate/Ability Card.
  • Hyper Phoenix Inferno: Extreme Dragonia: Transfer 700 Gs to Gouingol (CANNOT BE NEGATED OR COUNTERED).
  • Hyper Phoenix Inferno: Blitz Shine: Transfer 800 Gs to from the opponent Gouingol and nullifies the enemy can't play anymore abilities until the user has played 5 more.