Fly Beetle is a flying beetle-like Bakugan.

Anime Edit

Bakugan: New VestroiaEdit

In episode 1, a Ventus Fly Beetle was used by Lync. In episode 8, a brawler used a Subterra Fly Beetle against Shun and Ace during the Alpha City Bakugan tournaments. Mylene also has an Aquos Fly Beetle. Mylene's Fly Beetle was thrown out when she thought that it along with Freezer and Jelldon were "useless garbage". In episode 7, Keith had a Pyrus Fly Beetle which was presumably used to defeat Mira's Verias. In one episode, a Subterra Fly Beetle is seen battling a Haos Atmos. Another Subterra Fly Beetle was used by an unknown brawler in the Alpha City tournament. It is one of the most commonly seen Bakugan in the Anime.


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