Electron Leonial is the evolution of Leonial. He is a large, Haos only lion like Bakugan with unusually long claws. He also has two tails shaped like lightning bolts and a V-Shaped crest. He has spikes running across the armor he has.


  • Mane-Trike- Electron Leonial blasts the opponent with multiple bolts of lightning.
  • Flash Barracade- Electron Leonial temporarily blinds the opponent and forms a barricade then attacks.
  • Electra Jolt- Electron Leonial rushes towards the opponent slashing at them and then leaps towards the sky, towads the target.
  • Metallic Rush- Electron Leonial dashes through the opponents multiple time, sometimes able to defeat them.
  • Star Lightning- Leaping into the sky, ElectronLeonial hurls towards the opponent, commonly transferring some of their G-Power, or power.
  • Ironic Roar Headbutt- With the crest on his forehead, Electron Leonial rams, sometimes headbutts the opponent with the iron crest that causes bolts of lightning to rapidedly hit the target once triggered with a roar.
  • Electra Pulse- Confusing the target, Electron Leonial Unleashes bolts of lightning from his blades.