Doom Leonidas

Doom Leonidas is an evolution of Leonidas.



Doom Leonidas is an evolution of Leonidas. It had evolved from Omega Leonidas after absorbing the Doom Dimension's core. Doom Leonidas has sharper horns on his head and keener senses. It is a force to be reckoned with.


  • Vortex Fiery Darkus:
  • Vortex Pyrus Shadow:
  • Doom Phaser: - Raises Doom Leonidas' Gs by 500 Gs and negates the opponent's Ability Card.


A Pyrus one has 810 Gs. Both Ventus and Aquos Doom Leonidases each have 860 Gs. Haos Doom Leonidas has 920 Gs. Subterra Doom Leonidas has 890 Gs. Darkus Doom Leonidas has 900 Gs.

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