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Wow , it looks ... sharp ...

Catscratcher is a Bakugan Battle Suit that was made for Nyanja , but also works for him when he is fused with Infurnut.


It is a Bakugan Battle Suit of extreme power , it has missile launchers in the fingers and large shurikens on the elbows. It is made of an indestructible metal , that is incredibly lightweight making for better speed , in combat. It uses the rockets on its back and its ankles to fly skyward.The blades on its arms are so sharp that you would cut your finger by looking at them.


In the game Catscratcher adds 500G's to the Bakugan using it.


  • Deca Missile: Adds 1000 Gs to Catchscratcher.
  • DENA (Destructive Edge Ninja Assault): Transfers 500 Gs from the opponent to Catscratcher.
  • DENA - Ultimate: Transfers 900 Gs from the opponent to Catscratcher.
  • DENA-X : Nullifies the opponent Gate Card and subtracts 800 Gs from the opponent.
  • Rocket Boost : Nullfies the opponent last 3 abilities (even if they say can't be nullified).
  • Shuriken Shooter : Transfers 500 Gs from the opponent to Catscratcher.
  • Jetstream Fire : Subtracts 700 Gs from the opponent.
  • Supreme Lightning : Adds 400 Gs to Catscratcher.
  • Jet Power: .Adds 400 Gs to Catscratcher.
  • Tornado Destroyer: Nulifies the opponents Gate Card.

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