The battle rules on this wikia are simple and not hard to follow so follow them or you'll be warned once, if you are warned three times in a week you are permanantly banned.


1. This Wikia follows the simple battling rules of Bakugan so you set a Gate Card and everything else.

2. I am however making a few twists in the rules to make it more fun (but you don't have to use these) :

  • First, you are allowed to play more than one support piece per battle.
  • Second, BakuNanos are not removed from the game after being attached to a Bakugan.
  • Third, Mobile Assults cannot be destroyed if they land on the wrong coloured Gate Card.
  • Fourth, Battle Gears abilities only work with Bakugan attributes and not the gate attributes.
  • Fifth, Special Evolution Bakugan all have a power level of 1.
  • Sixth, G-Power roulette Bakugan do not have randomly generated G-Power but have a fixed G-Power of 950G.
  • Finally, once one of Infinty Helios G-Powers has been used, it cannot be used again in that game.